gvAfter leaving Worcester College, now the University of Worcester in England, Graham’s career in residential property culminated in a senior executive position in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, the Nationwide Building Society. At one point Graham was directing a team that was managing over 11,000 residential homes across England and Wales as a result of the property crash a few years earlier.

He quickly rose through the ranks from supervising manager in 1997 to board member by 2003 and in 2007 was heavily instrumental in the sale of one of Britain’s largest privately owned residential property portfolio’s having helped the subsidiary company grow from negative equity to completing an outright sale to a well known public limited company.

His journalistic writing started in 2012 with a venture into online news providing a short and punchy style of political commentary accompanied by satirical cartoons that have been read and spread via the internet literally millions of times. This attracted a number of key individuals to his website from freelance journalists published in The Independent newspaper to policy writers and influential activists of the labour party.

In August 2015, Graham wrote a single piece for the newly launched called “The Neoliberal Farce That Briton’s Face” which was republished by Global Research, The Centre for Globalisation. From there, Graham’s work burst onto the internet reaching news outlets all over the world. Since then Graham has become a permanent columnist for the The European Financial Review and more recently The World Financial Review.

Through Graham’s new found writing skills, TruePublica has garnered a very enthusiastic and quickly expanding audience via its website and social media who read his articles tens of thousands of times every day all over the world. A quick look on search engines sees almost all of his work republished globally, particularly in Britain, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Graham is now a member of the British Association of Journalists and runs a commercial news and blogging service called NewzShots