Graham Vanbergen

Graham Vanbergen is the Founder and contributing editor of a family of news outlets that aims to counter propaganda, misinformation and fake news often instigated and promoted by the establishment media. – an Independent research media organisation whose aims are to publish news, analysis, commentary and research on public affairs and of public interest through independent journalists. ThinkPublica exposes the corporations, the rich and powerful who fund the likes of Think Tanks, NGO’s and even FactCheckers to influence public policy and is an aggregator for independent news outlets that encourages people to read news from varying political sides and break out from what is often a self imposed ‘informational bubble’.

In its first year, TruePublica added twelve international journalists, many award winning and recognised as some of the most incisive truth-tellers around the world, such as John Pilger, Jonathan Cook, Craig Murray and then more recently George Monbiot and Paul Larudee.

TruePublica’s raison d’être is to raise awareness of misinformation and disinformation conveyed by the vested interests of corporations, governments and the establishment media and to deliver global news and intelligence reports – free from propaganda.

TruePublica also publishes articles via content partners specifically focusing on civil liberties, human rights and corruption in the UK and USA with a number of notable collaborations. These include the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Open Rights Group, BigBrotherWatch and Civil Society Futures and Global Research to name a few.

Graham is also a permanent columnist for the The European Financial Review with The Vanbergen Column and more recently in late 2016 The World Financial Review and Global Research, Centre for Research on Globalisation (HERE).

Some notable articles were the breaking of news such as the link between how American billionaires bought Britain’s Brexit referendum result using algorithms and micro-ad targeting, the use of Britain’s police ‘pre-crime’ technology and the FBI’s leaks of information to the media of the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.

Graham specialises in explaining in no uncertain words the failing and damaging systems that are dismantling real democracy and capitalism in Britain, the EU and America. He is motivated by challenging an out of control neo-liberal ideology along with civil liberty and human rights abuses and divisive political extremes that is causing a wave of disruption as western countries move from one social, political and economic crisis to another.


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